My Amateur Radio Station

My station at it's best some time ago, there's less of it now. The Ten tec radio packed up resulting in a downsizing of the set up.

I started amateur radio in 1991 with the callsign G7JZV which gave me access to VHF and higher bands, then after a couple of years of struggling to learn Morse I passed the 12 wpm test and became G0UZK. I have been GW0UZK since 1997.


I can usually be found on the 40 meter band (7Mhz) as my location and available space restrict what I am able to do.


I am part of the team responsible for the GB7CW DMR repeater.


Our callsigns as shown above, which are issued to us, carry information about type of licence and location.

My callsign is GW0UZK

G= United Kingdom

W=Wales (known as regional secondary locator)

0=Full or advanced licence

UZK= my identity unique to the G0 series


GB calls are issued as extensions to individual licence,  in the example above, GB7CW, the 7 indicates that the licence is for a digital repeater (a remote relay station).

Ciro Mazzoni baby loop
Ciro Mazzoni baby loop, click on the image for my review of it

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