Ciro Mazzoni baby loop

Of all the radio gear I have owned in the last 27 years this antenna seems to generate the most interest when mentioned on air. 

Mine is one of the earlier models with the manual controller, well, manual is probably a bad description, all you have to do is punch the frequency you require into a keypad and the rest is automatic.

It's very quick and easy.

Although the loop itself is only 1m across it cannot be considered a stealth antenna as it needs to be kept away from any conductors and must be in the clear as much as possible. As it is likely to be mounted at eye level it has a large visual impact although the manufacturers have addressed this on the current model by offering various paint schemes.

Much of what you read on the internet about magnetic loops is nonsense and based on theory rather than experience. It is obvious that a small antenna is unlikely to be as efficient as well as a full size one and this loop is no different. It appears to be about 40% efficient compared with a dipole which sounds awful until you realise that it is less than 1 S-point down on a dipole. (About 2 s-points on 40m from experience)


Efficiency vs Effectiveness

They are not the same thing,  so when compared with a dipole at less than optimum height, resulting in a high radiation angle, the performance difference may be much less than you expect.

The narrow bandwidth is no problem as retuning is so quick and easy and even easier with the new controller.

I have a 60' garden so I bought it not because I had no room but because I was interested in the concept

and have had mixed results with home made ones. I like mine and enjoy the challenge of using it.

Would I recommend it?

No- if you have room for larger antennas, there are cheaper ways to get on air.

Yes - if you have a restricted space, I have found it is as good if not better than most verticals.

Only the cost at  £1349 stops me being comfortable with recommending it.