Ten Tec Orion 2

Unfortunately I no longer have this radio, it developed a fault in a component no longer available which was specially made just for this model. Tentec as an independant company no longer exists. This is a shame because this was, by far, the best radio I have ever owned.

The Americans seem to be able to engineer great things but their attention to detail is somewhat lacking. Compared to the Japanese competition Tentecs look and feel horrible, the overall finish is poor, the quality of the plastics used on the wobbly knobs feels like recycled Lego and the rubber buttons too soft and not positive enough for my liking. The back panel looks home made.

Despite my comments above this is still a great radio and I would buy another if I could. I never felt the need to add any of the additional filters it just worked straight out of the box. So easy to set up and operate with all the important functions available on the front panel but not too many buttons/switches/knobs cluttering it up for functions that belong in set up menus. Some high end radios have so many controls it's hard to find the ones you need quickly.

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