G-Whip products

The following review was written in 2015 before I became owner of GWhip antenna products in June 2017.


I don't want to review any of the g-whip products I own, or have reccommended to others, individually but would like to pass on my experience of them generally.

The quality of the components used and the construction methods are second to none and at a price comparable to the junk peddled by some others. Although I am capable of building my own I don't think I could buy the components for the price Geoff charges for the complete article.

Once installed I am confident that they will do what I expect and will continue to do so for many years without me having to check or service them in any way.

I have a 4:1 balun that has been fixed to a south facing wall for a few years exposed to the sun and all weathers. There is no corrosion to the metal components or deterioration of the plastic box the worst I can say is the warning label has faded a bit.

I own 7 of their products.

I whole heartedly recommend G-whip products as you can be confident that you have bought the best available, they will do the job and will continue to do so for a very long time.